Worthington Farmer's Market is coming back to Old Worthington!

I am cautiously very hopeful for this Summer, starting with being fully vaccinated (much earlier than anticipated) and now this! Not having Farmer's Market outside our door in Old Worthington again was going to be ouchy after such a trying year all around, so this is amazing news for our little shop! Things will look and feel a little different but we're all pretty graceful at shifting by now. Starting May 1st, we'll be open from 9-3, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, until we can get a better feel for our new normal.

I will also be temporarily closing the online shop during the Summer months, I just don't have the bandwidth to keep my inventory on track between the online shop and the physical shop! I have been touched by how many of you intentionally chose to support a small business like mine. I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I hope I don't have to go all online again but if I have to again, that's ok too.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon!