We're Re-opening the retail store on Friday, June 5th!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

It's happening! We're lots excited and a little bit nervous too. We have limited opening hours of Friday + Saturday 9-4, you can also continue to purchase online and pick up at Highline Coffee for the ultimate social distancing shopping experience. We've redesigned the space to be roomier for easier social distancing and have some asks from you to help keep everyone safe. I hope that you will be in consolidation with us on wearing masks and protecting each other. Besides having both my kids and husband at home, I have a loved one in chemo and so I'm protecting him as well. I've put most of the jewelry in eco-friendly compostable bags in the shop to limit your exposure and I apologize, but there is no more trying on the jewelry for now. The poster below outlines the new opening rules, please reach out if you have questions or concerns about shopping with us.

I also want to personally say my THANK YOU to everyone who ordered from me online during the last 2-1/2 months of the shop closure. The closure was a difficult decision for my tiny business, but thanks to your amazing support, I was able to pay my rent and live another day. I can't tell you how important you've been to me! I know you could have spent your money elsewhere or not at all in this scary economic spiral, so I appreciate you choosing to support me, and I know my small business friends in Old Worthington feel the same. I'm sure someday, we'll toast champagne to each other with our smiles in view.