Coming up on 2 month at 693 High Street…

Wow, that was fast! And I've been woefully neglectful in updating the news here. Our shared space with Highline Coffee and Branch Line Leather is getting pretty nice feedback and I'm thrilled with the state of things, and things to be. Life is settling down just a bit so I'm able to shift my focus more on making and also scouting for new baubles for the shop. I'm really enjoying both! Having jewelry by other designers at the shop really takes the pressure off and allows me to be more thoughtful about what I want to explore with next my jewelry design. It's also challenge, that I fully enjoy, to scout handmade jewelry that share a similar aesthetic and groove in the shop. If you know of a handmade jewelry maker I should explore, drop me a line and if you haven't stopped in at our new space, here are some pics and offerings I have currently in the shop. My goal is to have something new every month to keep it fresh and fun for your eyes and mine!

Our current hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9-4 and I'm personally at the shop Thursdays 9-4 and Saturday mornings. This schedule allows me to work on new jewelry and to pursue my other artist interests, like sculpting which I'm hoping reincorporate into my life in the next couple weeks. I'm still attempting to establish some sort of flow in how the shop and the studio functions and what my day to day looks like. All this makes me very happy and excited for things to come :)

So reach out if you have any questions or have a creative project in mind, otherwise I'll see you at the shop!

Our entrance is within a shared space with Highline Coffee and Branch Line Leather
Enter through Highline Coffee Co.

We're located on SW Worthington Greens on High Street and Dublin-Granville Road in Old Worthington

We're open Thursday-Saturday 9-4 for Highline Coffee is open every day!
Our only entrance is within Highline Coffee

Athena protects over baubles and makers