Design Your Own Pendant Necklace

Project Description: First, get inspired! After, start by choosing a special a centerpiece for your pendant from your choice of exotic reclaimed woods, natural gemstones and metal accents. Then choose a chain to size, or pick from pre-made to finish your unique piece. We offer Stainless Steel and Gold filled metals for both necklaces and ear wires for this option. You can design and assemble the pendant yourself with instruction or we can help finish it while you mingle with your guests!


4 -8 guests (Minimum 4)

Length of class: Up to 3 hours, depends upon the projects


Per guest prices:

$60 - Wood or Gemstone Pendants on your choice of  30" Stainless Steel chain

$70 - Wood or Gemstone Pendants on your choice of  30" Gold Filled chain


*Earrings can be added with this project

$20 extra per guest- For matching earrings

$24 extra per guest - For Gold Filled matching earrings